Stacie Pearson

Designer | Advertising, Graphic and Interactive Design

What’s new

The thing that occupies my mind most right now are pop-ups and paper sculptures. I dissect and reassemble pop-up books to learn different techniques, and the books give me different ideas for cards and (eventually) a book of my own. I have created various cards for birthdays, holidays and to say thank you. Below are some of the cards I have made in the past.

I continue to work on drawings—mostly charcoal and graphite. I have adopted a dog and he has been my model recently. I’ve also been thinking about a new series of drawings revolving around my grandparents and their parents—the ‘ancestor series’.

Various pop-ups

image from my Trains & graffiti II series

A few samples of pop-ups—promotional and seasional—that I have created in the past. To see a few more examples of my popups click to see the popups page.

Other things

image from my Trains & graffiti II series

I used to spend a great deal of time on the Delaware & Lehigh Canal path going back and forth to work. The path goes right by the Norfolk & Southern rail yard, and many of the freight trains are painted with the most amazing graffiti. One of the things I love about the graffiti painted trains is that the graffiti lays on top of and beside the very Swiss style lettering that identifies each train. I also love the texture of the rusty metal trains beneath the shiny paint. I feel sure that the color of the train dictates the colors chosen by the graffiti artist. Here is an example of some of the pictures taken on my many trips along the path. More of these images can be found in the Photographs section of this website.