I am a communicator and storyteller. I create synergy between words and imagery — adding structure with layout and typography and providing weight where necessary to convey message and meaning.

Successful design is more than just making something look good. I believe it must speak authentically and truthfully to the audience—delivering a clear and compelling message that speaks directly to the reader, viewer or user.

I am problem solver. A team builder. I’m Inspired by the talents and strengths of those around me, and know that collaboration is key to creating something unforgettable.

Featured Project: Branch Creek

Branding and product launch

Fueled by scientific strides and concern for our planet, Branch Creek Organics was created to provide earth-friendly alternatives to synthetic fertilizers, designed and priced to fit growing efforts big and small.

In 2018, Branch Creek will debut its line of easy-to-use organic fertilizers suitable for all of the places where you live, work, and play. Our team was responsible for creating a brand for Branch Creek, and expanding the brand into a website, social, and other brand collateral.

ClientBranch Creek OrganicsServicesBranding, site development, product launchLinkwww.BranchCreekOrganics


Work Process

Read the creative brief, understand the strategy and know your users. Brainstorm ideas, collect information and inspiration. Flesh out ideas and evaluate them for clear messaging.

Simplify and improve the work. Get feedback, make modifications and further develop and improve the creative. Check back with the brief to be sure the work is on target. Sell your great idea to the client, get more feedback and refine and improve some more.

Deliver final work to client that answers the creative problem and shows creative, critical and reflective thinking.

Other Work

I also create illustrations, drawings, paintings and pop-ups. Here are a few examples of that work.

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