Here is my secret, a very special secret.It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.What is essential is invisible to the eye.

— Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Logo design and Identity development

Style guides and standards

Appriss style guide and product icon design

I was the design lead for the creation of a style guide for Appriss, an international SaaS company. This book established and set the standards for brand usage and guidelines for Appriss Corporate, Appriss Safety, Appriss Health and Appriss Retail. While creating the book I was also creating the product logos which were updated to reflect the new Appriss branding. Here you can see some of that work and the final product icons.

ClientApprissServicesStyle Guide creation and logo

UiPath Brand Collateral

Whitepaper brand update (before/after)


Other collateral


Fine art, Illustrations, and pop-ups

I also create illustrations, drawings, paintings and pop-ups. Here are a few examples of that work.

Work Process


Read the creative brief. Do your research, understand the strategy and know your users. Brainstorm ideas, collect information and inspiration. Flesh out ideas and evaluate them for clear messaging with an intuitive, user-centered design.


Simplify and improve the work. Test the user journey for unified messaging. Get feedback, make modifications and further develop and improve the creative. Check back with the brief to be sure the work is on target. Collaborate with your team, get more feedback and refine and improve the work.


Present the work to the client, prepared with data and information for your creative choices. Be sure your work answers the creative problem and shows creative, critical and reflective thinking.

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